" For ethical values to thrive in our field, we can’t let the pace of change seduce us into thinking we’ve no time for them. Designers and engineers alike need to think deeply about the implications of the things we make, and appreciate the value of doing so. We also need role models. I long for our industry to stop fetishizing entrepreneurs and billion-dollar buyouts, and instead to praise technologists who inform the public about new technology, or companies that make tough decisions for the greater good. "-Cennydd Bowles, Product Designer at Twitter in On Changing the World on Alistapart.com


Layer Vault

May just be my new best friend while I work. Unlimited cloud storage, amazing features like a visual timeline, version control, and iOS device integration! So hot.

Bruins-Sabres Opening Anthem

Just two days after the Boston Marathon bombing, the city returns to one of their most beloved pastimes. I got chills as I watched this and could not help but smile and clap along with the crowd. My heart goes out to everyone in Boston. Chive on!

" Modern creative work demands diverse perspectives. To suggest instead that it emanates from the abracadabras of an eccentric elite does a disservice to all parties. "-Cennydd Bowles, Product Designer at Twitter in Hellish Other People on Alistapart.com

The Power of APIs

Jared Spool discusses in-depth how APIs are making it increasingly easier to integrate complex features into our designs delivering greater value to the end-user. I absolutely agree with this and believe all service-based products out there should have an API for designers and developers to access. Not only will it lead to the development of richer…


Killed at Launch

An interesting article and story about the woes of a project when the scope is not properly defined during kickoff leading to mismanaged expectations, an unrealistic budget, lack of any sort of design process, and ultimately failture.

Leap Motion Vine

Leap Motion in 6 second bits

One of my favourite digital artists, Brendan Dawes, is using Vine to visually document his daily experiments with Leap Motion. Brendan has developed an intriguing method of showing his journey with the new product that is both thoughtful and engaging. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more brands and artists using Vine in new…

" It takes courage to be genuine. And it takes real courage to be genuine on the internet, where everyone is a critic, a cynic, and a comedian. So if you are what you share, do you have the courage to be real? "-Callie Schweitzer, Director of Marketing & Comms at Vox Media Inc via Medium.com

Carma Project

A wonderful project by B-Cultura da Bicicleta, a magazine that promotes bike culture as lifestyle. They took apart a car from the scrapyard and reused its parts to create a bicycle. A GPS was installed and tuned to the distance the car travelled (in km) while it was still in use that then counts backwards toward zero…

The New Nexus 10 Commercial

Funny, down to earth, but most importantly human. Google has outdone themselves with this commercial. Aside from pulling at your heartstrings, it puts on a (realistic) showcase of apps and services from Google including: Google Now, Google+, Play Store, Chrome, Hangouts and features the all-important multi-user account function.